Physicians Risk Hotline

Physicians who are subscribers of the Physicians Risk Management Consultation Program receive confidential access to the risk management hotline.

Participating physicians may access the hotline through both a toll-free number and electronically through the website. If desired, we can work with your organization to develop a process to verify that physicians seeking a hotline consultation are current policyholders.

After consenting to the terms of the hotline consultation, and after we check for any conflict of interest with the potential or actual adverse parties, your insured physician can consult with one of Hinshaw’s senior risk management lawyers on issues concerning loss prevention, risk management, and pre-claim and claim concerns, for up to two hours per insured per year.  We will not provide advice or opinions related to matters involving insurance coverage or the terms of any professional liability policy to your insured physicians or advise them regarding medical issues or medicine.

The participating physician who uses the hotline consultation forms an attorney-client relationship with Hinshaw, so their communications are protected by the attorney-client privilege. Thus, we do not disclose the identity of the insured who consults with us or the content of our risk management consultation to anyone. Each hotline consultation will be provided a unique number within Hinshaw’s filing system for identification purposes which will be reflected on future invoices for services.