A Risk Management Tool for Physicians

The health care attorneys of Hinshaw have compiled a list of topics and resources that can assist physicians when dealing with or managing risks.

As paid subscribers of the Physicians Risk Management Consultation Program, you will gain access to this information. Additionally, you will have access to the Physicians Risk Management Consultation Program Hotline.

The hotline number provides you with direct access to a Hinshaw health care attorney.

Example resources include topics such as:

  • Billings Errors & Omissions
  • Closing a Medical Practice
  • Communicating with Patients
  • Confidentiality Breaches by Employees on Social Networks
  • Contents of Medical Records
  • Defending Audits Before They Happen: A Practical Guide to Documenting E/M Codes
  • Disruptive Patients
  • Expression of Empathy After Complications Occur
  • Handling Missed Appointments
  • HIPAA Duties of Confidentiality
  • Maintaining Employee Personnel Files
  • Making Changes to Medical Records
  • Managing Patient Complaints
  • Mandatory and Permissive Reporting
  • Medical Battery Claims
  • Medical Practice Checkup
  • Navigating the Referral Process
  • Noncompliant Patients
  • Obtaining Informed Consent
  • Patient Abandonment: Terminating the Patient-Physician Relationship
  • Physician Liability for Mid-Level Provider Conduct
  • Social Media and the Medical Practice
  • Spoliation
  • Subpoenas for Depositions and Records
  • When an Employee Leaves the Practice

To learn more about how to become a subscriber to the Physicians Risk Management Consultation Program, email us at: Physiciansrisk@hinshawlaw.com, and one of our health care attorneys will contact you.